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How to consume all messages from an SQS queue ?

My goal was finding an AWS service that will answer the following requirements: Store large amounts of data (split into small chunks) reliably. Accessible from multiple zones/regions. Low read/write latencies. Cheap enough. SQS is a powerful service that is really useful for de-coupling between micro-services and allowing reliable transfer of messages between them. SQS promises … Continue reading How to consume all messages from an SQS queue ?


SQS Benchmark (with large messages)

Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a scalable and fully managed message queuing service that allows users to transmit any amount of data through the web without administrative responsibility. Recently, I tried to evaluate whenever the SQS service will fit my needs for a design I'm working on. My interest was getting information regarding … Continue reading SQS Benchmark (with large messages)